Flowers: Always and Always

Flowers: Always and Always

"I must have flowers, always and always" - Monet 

We are so fortunate to live near some beautiful public gardens, and across from a  nature preserve. I spend most mornings there with Ben and Clara, walking through the woods, observing the slowly shifting landscape.

I started a small series of paintings on paper this spring, when the world shut down because of the pandemic and we found a renewed sense of freedom and inspiration in the woods. Mornings walks suddenly became a critical part of our day.  

The Spring Garden Collection has become something really beautiful. Making these paintings has been as cathartic and meditative as our morning walks. I hope to share a bit of that inspiration with you. 

The paintings themselves are delicate, mostly Gouache (a paint that's a bit like watercolor, but slightly more opaque) and ink on paper. Black meandering ink lines add a little expression to the already abstract flowers. And it's all very non-specific and playful. Just like an adventure through the woods with a 2 year old to be. 

I'm thankful for our beautiful walks - and now that spring has turned to summer, and the cool mornings are replaced with the warm, thick air of August - I'm anxiously awaiting the crispness of Autumn.

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