I'd love some original art, how often do you update the artworks on your site? 

For the most part I work in art collections, releasing a new collection every other month, or every third month. These collections vary in theme / subject / and material. Some collections are entirely on paper, others on canvas or a combination of the two. I advertise these heavily on social media (instagram) and through my newsletter. To be a studio insider and get the scoop on upcoming collections, sign up for my newsletter!

Do you take commissions? 

I do take commissions - but the amount I'm able to take on depends on my studio schedule along with the requirements of a particular commission. Right now I'm able to take on a few commissions per year, so if you're interested, reach out to me via email or my contact form and we can chat! Upon inquiry, I'll share a survey / interest form with you as well as details concerning payment and shipping. If a commission sounds right for both of us - then I'll follow up with a contract. Please keep in mind commissions take some time, and it's not unreasonable to consider a few months at least for the completion of a commission. 

Do you offer art prints? 

Not yet, but that's definitely in the plans!

If I buy an original artwork from you, can I have art prints made? 

Nope - you don't own the rights to the artwork. I own all the rights to the artwork I create, and retain those rights to reproduce any of my original artwork at any time.  If you are interested in purchasing additional prints of the artwork you purchased, please contact me directly. 

 Read more about artwork ownership in my 'terms and conditions'

A photograph of my living room with your artwork in it is going to be published in a magazine (or other similar place) is that OK?

YES, great to hear! Please just credit me for that particular artwork. 

I see on instagram that you have two tiny little kids. How do you get work done? 


Where do you find your inspiration? 

Nature. I grew up in upstate New York hiking every weekend (even in the winter), and my love for nature just stuck. I'm an avid runner and spend most mornings hitting the roads (or trails), I live across the street from a nature preserve and just down the road from some beautiful botanical gardens. So I find inspiration at every corner. 

I'm also really inspired by my travels - I lived in France for a bit, spent a summer in the UK, and have traveled internationally quite a bit - including South Africa and Egypt. I've made beautiful memories everywhere. 

What products do you use? 

I use a lot of different products in my paintings - acrylic, watercolor, gouache, ink. I've stayed away from oil so far because I work at home with little kids around, and have not yet developed a fully sustainable and safe studio with that particular medium, but I'm working on it. I invest in high quality materials in order to produce the highest quality work for you. My preferred brand of acrylic paint is Golden Open Acrylic, I tend to use Daniel Smith and Dr Ph Marin watercolors, Arches Paper (although this is specified on each produce section, as I don't always use Arches), and Holbein Acrylica Gouache. 

How are artworks packaged for shipping? 

I take great care to ensure the artwork leaves my studio and reaches your hands in perfect condition. Your artworks on paper are packaged in a thin plastic flat lay bag which is sealed, backed with a heavy card stock board, and packaged in a craft flat lay mailer.

Favorite studio music? 

I love everything - but I listen to a lot of Yann Tiersen while painting. 

Thanks for visiting, if you have questions which are not addressed here, or on my policies pages, please reach out!