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Lavender Field, Small Acrylic Painting (5x7 inches) on Paper, Unframed

Lavender Field, Small Acrylic Painting (5x7 inches) on Paper, Unframed

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Have you ever driven through the mountains and experienced that pale lavender / grey glow? Maybe you saw it on a line of mountains off in the distance, or perhaps it had just rained. 

This is one of my favorite memories. Driving through the foggy mountains between my house and my sister-in-law's house. We always make the drive in the autumn or winter, when the sun just doesn't seem to shine quite as bright - but the mountains always welcome us with a warm embrace of fog, and extraordinary beauty. 

This landscape was inspired by those mountain drives, and also by my memories of driving through the English countryside during the summer I spent in London. In those memories, the landscape is dotted with lavender fields and is a symphony of deep greens.

Lavender Field conveys a sense of calm throughout the painting - deep green brushstrokes are matched with shades of lavender, and both are offset with a deep indigo blue. A line of distinct, foggy hills in the distance - painted with a thin wash of blue, green, and purple gives your eye a place to rest. 

This original painting is acrylic on primed paper, it has rag (torn) edges, and comes unframed. It would look lovely with a thick mat and a frame. It is also painted within an internal boarder, meaning, I left roughly a 1/4 inch boarder between the painting and the edge of the paper on the right, left, and lower sides of the painting (although some bleeding did occur). 

Painting Specifications: 

Measures 5 inches tall by 7 inches wide (this particular painting measures just 1/16th shy of 7 inches) 

Acrylic Paint on 140 lb paper 

Some pink and purple pencil lines are evident in the sky, as a result of an initial sketch 

Rag (torn) edges 

Artist signature in pencil in the lower left corner 

Framing suggestions: 

This painting is sold unframed - but would look wonderful with a thick mat and a thin frame (a 9x12 inch frame and mat with a 5x7 opening, for example). 

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